Flowers That Float (On The Mediterranean Sea)

The sweet stickiness of candy floss, whirling colours of ribbon, lightning flashes from the trapeze, laughing at the silly clowns tumbling over and over and over for you. Laughing, always laughing, when the circus comes to town.

Now the famous travelling circus is recruiting! They are promising you a better life. You remember laughing, the happy community and so you think: joy. Why wouldn't you want to leave the dreariness of your hometown for a life of zest and thrill and travel and colour and laughter?
But be careful, no circus is ever what it seems...

More than ever, ‘home’ is a transient and non-concrete idea. This production tackles the complex emotions relating to ‘home’ and ‘belonging’, as experienced by women who were left with no choice but to flee their homeland. It tells the stories of women who courageously march their families across the world, armed with the singular hope for safety and freedom. Instead of warm welcomes and belonging, many of these incredible individuals find themselves trapped in a revolting circus, endlessly critiqued by a global audience who see threats in these women’s faces instead of their despair. Using the allegory of circus and through performance, the production explores the loss, heartbreak and strength it takes for refugees to board an unfit boat to float across the Mediterranean Sea - an experience we cannot otherwise fathom.
Flowers that Float (on the Mediterranean Sea), is a production created in direct response to the worldwide refugee crisis. It was devised by and with a company of multidisciplinary and multicultural Applied Theatre practitioners, and this unique blend of backgrounds resulted in a meta-theatrical performance that transcends disciplines and countries.

The ensemble of women weave a performance that shares the heartbreak of their journeys and the spaces they have been caught in between. In both crisis and performance, nothing is quite what it seems. Told entirely through the allegory of a circus, a ring-master might be a human smuggler. A mime is a woman whose voice has been silenced. The camps? A flashy, exciting travelling circus, coming to a town near you. Told through a series of circus acts, the production includes multimedia projections, live original music, physical theatre and of course - circus work.

Now, why wouldn't you want to join us?

Directed by Emma Barr

Gary Sheldrake - Assistant Director
Ella Howe - Production Manager
Featuring original music by Milly Bianchini

Due to venue licensing laws, entry is strictly 18+.

Streatham Hill Theatre is a Grade 2 listed building and, as such, is not accessible via lift to the event spaces on the 1st and 2nd floors. If you have accessibility needs, please get in touch.

Saturday, 8 July, 2017 - 20:30 to Sunday, 30 July, 2017 - 21:30
Organisation holding the event: 
The So & So Arts Club
Point of Contact: 
Dave Spencer