‘Pub Jiro’ – Artist takes over the Horse and Groom

Streatham Sketchbook by Jiro Osuga and Mirelle Galinou

Painter Jiro Osuga knows Streatham better than most: he has lived and worked here for almost 15 years and 2017 turns out to be a big year!

Jiro’s book about Streatham: The Streatham Sketchbook (co-written with a former Museum of London curator) is published to coincide with the Streatham Festival.  As well as featuring many of Jiro’s works, the book documents life in Streatham past and present, focusing on its remarkable role in the world of art. 

Jiro celebrates this event with an exhibition on the theme of convivial hospitality at one of Streatham’s most historic pubs: ‘Pub Jiro’ – Artist Takes Over the Horse and Groom


The paintings on show will focus on the pleasures of life: eating, drinking and listening to music.  The largest exhibit will be a section from Café Jiro – a life-size, all-encompassing painted café peopled by some very unusual customers. This extraordinary installation was painted in Jiro’s Streatham studio. It does not represent any particular café, but much of the research for its elaborate infrastructure was conducted in and around Streatham. The rest is down to the artist’s imagination.

Come along to eat and drink with your eyes!

Saturday 1st July to Sunday 9th July 2017. Open daily 12.00 to 6.00 pm

Saturday, 1 July, 2017 - 12:00 to Sunday, 9 July, 2017 - 18:00
Organisation holding the event: 
Your London Publishing
Point of Contact: 
Mireille Galinou