Women and War: EXODUS

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A month-long multi-disciplinary festival examining the impact of war on women. The roads they take and the changes they make to rebuild their lives elsewhere. Any time, any place, any war, any woman. The festival will host work documenting, exploring and giving voice to the experiences of women from across the centuries and the world before during and after war. ​

Now in its second year, Women and War: EXODUS will focus on displacement and refugeeism, from any period of history and any part of the world. It will celebrate the lives of miraculous and courageous women across the human race through theatre, music, dance, art, film, performance, poetry, craft, cuisine, and comedy. ​ This year, we are delighted to be based in a pop-up location in several of the rooms in Streatham Hill Theatre.

During the Streatham Festival, the following events are on offer:

Festival Opening - a star-studded performance of Hurried Steps by award-winning Italian writer, Dacia Maraini. It was written in collaboration with Amnesty International as part of its global campaign to stop violence against women and girls (VAWG). https://www.womenandwar.co.uk/hurried-steps

Colombia Day - a varied programme of workshops, classes, performances, and music, culminating in the inspiring story of Victoria Mendoza de Bastidas, performed by international film star, Alejandra Borrero. https://www.womenandwar.co.uk/colombia-day

Medea,The Outcast - direct from an excellently reviewed run at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Orzu Arts picks up this compelling Classical story and gives it an injection of intensity. https://www.womenandwar.co.uk/medea

Women at War Sisterhood Knows No Borders - Combines the verbatim interviews with women in the US Army’s Female Engagement Team deployed to Afghanistan in 2012-2013 along with poetry, movement, visual art, and music. https://www.womenandwar.co.uk/women-at-war

Awa's Journey - A multi-media production of the play, which looks at the key issue of our times, which is the refugee crisis. It is a collaboration between award winning playwright Beverly Andrews, opera director Danielle Urbas, BAFTA-nominated video artist Dan Saul, composer Alice Mary Williamson Jelaska and the acclaimed Union Dance. https://www.womenandwar.co.uk/awas-journey

right left with heels - RIGHT and LEFT are the shoes of Magda Goebbels. Condemned to forced exile by the Western public, they decide to have a conversation about blame and responsibility. It's time to pay attention, because it's your version of history they're questioning. https://www.womenandwar.co.uk/right-left-with-heels

Tejas Verdes - Fermín Cabal’s play is a celebration of human rights, a cry against totalitarianism. Focusing on the story of one woman, the play is a compelling memory piece of the 3,000 who were violently killed during the Pinochet regime that lasted from 1973 to 1990 in Chile. https://www.womenandwar.co.uk/tejas-verdes

Flowers That Float - Told through a series of circus acts, this production highlighting the global endemic refugee crisis includes multimedia projections, live original music, physical theatre and of course - circus work. https://www.womenandwar.co.uk/flowers-that-float

Monday, 3 July, 2017 - 19:00 to Sunday, 30 July, 2017 - 23:00
Organisation holding the event: 
The So & So Arts Club
Point of Contact: 
Dave Spencer
Varies (free to £15)