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Streatham Festival, which took place last weekend, proved to be a resounding success as both festival-goers from all over London and local business enjoyed the wonderous spectacles in the ‘Imagination’ themed event “At this time of year local festivals are two-a-penny, but we reckon this is one worth checking out” Streatham Festival inspired and…

Our Big Gig returns to host hundreds of music events in local communities across the nation from 11-13 July Streatham Festival has been awarded a grant from Superact and the Department of Communities and Local Government to host an ‘Our Big Gig’ event at Streatham UnCommon on the 12th July as part of the Festival….

  1. 13 July, 2014

    Hi, I viewed the Art23 displays and was going to vote for my favourite as encouraged to do by the displays, but can not find the correct link on the wensite, can you help?

  2. 22 July, 2014

    are any images of the events/installations going to be posted?

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